Thursday, August 4, 2011

New iPhone Music App Launch - JamCrew

Special New iPhone Free Music Game Apps is out now
JamCrew - iPhone Music App Game is out today as a FREE iPhone Apps Music Game. Take this chance to download it for limited period only under New Release iPhone Free Apps for Games/ Music Apps. Furthermore this is a special 3D Apps Games that is few in the market.

This is definitely one of the cool iphone apps to try it out.You can download this free apps as a iPhone 3 Apps or iPhone 4 Apps. If iPhone 5 is out, we will do one for iPhone 5 Apps or iPad 3.

Download JamCrew Music Games Apps Now
This is a limited free game apps as mentioned earlier. Download it before a small price is set to this apps game. This is a cool music game app that allows you to customize your 3D avatar or 3D dancer and you will have a personalized character for yourself.

There is no need to buy any song to play this apps games like other games. Why is there a need to buy songs to play while you have your own songs in your iphone 3 or iphone 4 or ipad? This apple game uses the songs in your own itunes list and plays accordingly. Play any songs in any language and what is the next great thing about this? A replay for your gameplay is available to record and show off your gameplay to your friends. See how your dancer move in your best song or even the weirdest or funny song ever.

Contest with your JamCrew Friends
There is a leader board in this game to post your highest score in a common platform. Challenge your friends in getting the highest score using your own songs and getting a perfect score. This is a special iphone apps game that has total of 6 buttons to hit. Unlike normal music apps, there are typically 3 buttons or 4 buttons for the music apps, using 6 buttons will have a great challenge for you. Challenge your friends in getting the longest play with the best combo string ever.

This game like other best apps games has their unique special effects if you hit the game well. There are several effects to reward your good combo and also zoom in and zoom out effects if you hit the music combo longer. Different dancers combo or dance strings are created to show the better players their prowess.

Thanks alot for reading about this new game release and do support us with a free download a good reviews about this iphone music apps game!


Tuesday, July 26, 2011

JamCrew - 3D Music Game Apps Preview

JamCrew which is a 3D Music Games Apps for iPhone and iPad will be released this week! This is an unique iPhone Dancing game that dance to the music beat. Your dancer avatar will dance as you hit the music beats accurately.

What are the special features about this game app among the rest of the music games apps? This is a 3D music dancing game that uses a 3D avatar to dance according to the music. Talking about the music, this game is able play any music in your itune list and you do not need to choose the limited music songs in the game.Playing this dancing game in any language songs and type of song is one of the uniqueness of JamCrew.

Another great feature of this game is the freedom to change the image of your 3D music dancer to your likes. What is the point of having a fancy dancer if you cannot share it with your friends? There is a great saving feature  that allows you to show off your game replay in your iPhone or iPad!

More things to be discovered by yourself when the game is release this weekend. Watch out for JamCrew in the Free Music Apps, New Games Apps or hopefully Best Music Apps!