Thursday, October 29, 2009

iPhone Games - Word Scramble

I come to this fun yet interesting iPhone Game call Word Scramble. I have download this free game to try out. Wow this puzzle game is very close to the actual board game itself.

Looking at the name "Word Scramble", you understand that this is similar to the physical puzzle game that we have played before. Basically this iPhone game is finding as many words within this 4x4 grid in the time limit. Minimum length of the word is 3 and the longer the word, the more points you will get. Some useful grid if you manage to get is "S", "RE" and "ING". these are very useful to add onto any verbs to maximise your score.

Like most iPhone games, you can play this game LIVE with other online players. Challenge mode with your friend can be achieve by sending a board to your friend for them to win your score.

Playing this puzzle game can be done online or offline. Best of all, you can also play as a solo mode. Does all your friends need iPhone to challenge? No, you can choose to use Play n Pass mode. Define the number of players and you can start the game and pass to the next once your turn is up. Once everyone has finish this game; the results will show which player got the top score.
As you play, you get to unlock achievements under your profile.

Will playing with learning together be good? Yes, not only you can play, you can also earn new words. After each game play, this iPhone game shows you the remaining words that you can find. While playing this game, i find out that my Hope this will explore you to more words.

This is an interesting and positive learning game. I even let my nephews and niece try and realised their vocabulary really needs improvement. Hope when they want to play my iPhone, i will make them play this game to improve their vocabulary. Striking two birds with one stone. For those who do not feel like cracking the brain, then you may consider not downloading this free game.

Sunday, October 11, 2009

iPhone Games - Cartoon Wars

This is an interesting iPhone Games - Cartoon Wars. There are two side of the tribes and your side is a very simple cartoon like tribes. Objective is to send your troops to fight through the opponents and destroy their tower. You have a tower which you need to protect from your enemies.

In your tribe, you need to develop more advanced troops as your level of difficulty increases. You can used the earned money for the troops upgrade, newer troops, productivity of mana production. There is also tower turret upgrades like damages, shooting speed and even range. This is a very nice game if you like strategy and war. Thumbs up for this iPhone Game!

Thursday, October 8, 2009

iPhone Games - Tap Tap Revenge

Tap Tap Revenge 3 is one hot iPhone game. Looks abit like the popular Guitar Hero and Rock Band. However like the name says, it is Tap Tap according to the music. Beside 3 buttons to tap, there is 3 movement - shake forward, left and right. Total moves is a 6 moves. There is also a two player option to challenge each other. On top of that, scores can be submitted online to see your ranking too.
Just the free Tap Tap Revenge version is already an addictive game. As a free game, one can already download tens of music challenges. Furthermore it comes in 5 levels from easy to extreme.
Online version is alot more challenges to fight back your opponents too.
Great game to try out!