Monday, April 28, 2008

DotA Allstars

Ever heard of DotA? If you are in living on the digital edge and do play games, definitely you will know about Dota. Its called Defense of the Ancients. Wow I have been playing Dota shortly after playing Warcraft3 - The frozen throne and has been playing till this very day!
For your information, Dota is a self revolution game where it is supported by a strong community of players and map creators.

Over all these years, Dota has gain recognition by the community and maps has been changed and updated by this strong community.
Without the need of big companies to support this game, it actually runs by itself and is even played in international games competition!
Next time, lets talk about how is miracle game works and why it has been gaining supporters all over the world. Ciao!

We have purchased our Domains!

You have been given a brief insight of what our platform is about and of course one of the most important things which we were really excited about was to officially get the domains confirmed for our newly chosen name.

It took me quite a while to register our domains was because of the interesting things you can read, explore and learn just from the site There are so many proposed domains from the GoDaddy site when we searching making sure what we wanted had not been taken up. In fact, through the process, I realized a lot of thoughts had to be given just to make sure that the name we want and many other names if we would like to use have to be as best and ideal search name as possible.

You will be surprised at some of the prices that you may have to pay to have a really good domain name. I really learnt a lot and that it is indeed very important to make an effort to really consider the chosen domain name and how it can eventually in all ways drive traffic to our site.

Now that we have taken the step and purchased our domains, next will be for me to do up the set ups and read through all the product info and agreements sent to me! Sigh! Yes yes, I know they are dry stuff but lets look on the brighter side, who knows I may discover something interesting and will definitely share it along the way!!

Saturday, April 26, 2008

What does gamerenkei mean?

The word Renkei sound familiar to some and not to all. For those gamers who have played Japanese games, will likely to see this word before. Our meaning of our new startup 'GAME RENKEI' means GAMES CONNECTION.

In layman's term, GAME RENKEI aims to connect not just the game developers and game users, but also the merchanise production portion of the game. Merchanise portion will be a full range of solution which the users will be able to purchase merchanise from the website with their own design + merchanise. On the other end, the games developers will gain income other than just the games offered.

Game Renkei aims to be a new revolution which wil bring closer the games developers near to the world. Lets work hard towards this goal!

Beginning of a journey

Startups are never easy. After months of debating, screaming, tearing at each other's throat et al, we have finally got it together. My team are embarking on a new startup we are calling gamerenkei.

Our vision for the startup is simple. We aim to build a valuable service that is going to be an important piece of gaming's new value chain. As the web is forcing media businesses into a disaggregated model where different parts of the chain will be dominated by specialised, light weight web services. We will see production happening in one place, distribution in another, and monetisation in yet a different place.

Our startup is targeting at the distribution part of the chain where we assist independent game developers in getting their games and/or game videos across different popular services. There are for example plenty of video sharing sites to promote your game videos: Revver, YouTube, Google, Yahoo!, AOL Uncut, vSocial, Veoh, MetaCafe and so forth. Game developers will have to upload to each and every one of these services. It is a pain waiting to be solved and this is what we aim to do.

We will give you more details of our startup as we blog about our journey. We hope you can be part it. Stay tuned!