Monday, April 28, 2008

We have purchased our Domains!

You have been given a brief insight of what our platform is about and of course one of the most important things which we were really excited about was to officially get the domains confirmed for our newly chosen name.

It took me quite a while to register our domains was because of the interesting things you can read, explore and learn just from the site There are so many proposed domains from the GoDaddy site when we searching making sure what we wanted had not been taken up. In fact, through the process, I realized a lot of thoughts had to be given just to make sure that the name we want and many other names if we would like to use have to be as best and ideal search name as possible.

You will be surprised at some of the prices that you may have to pay to have a really good domain name. I really learnt a lot and that it is indeed very important to make an effort to really consider the chosen domain name and how it can eventually in all ways drive traffic to our site.

Now that we have taken the step and purchased our domains, next will be for me to do up the set ups and read through all the product info and agreements sent to me! Sigh! Yes yes, I know they are dry stuff but lets look on the brighter side, who knows I may discover something interesting and will definitely share it along the way!!

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