Thursday, August 4, 2011

New iPhone Music App Launch - JamCrew

Special New iPhone Free Music Game Apps is out now
JamCrew - iPhone Music App Game is out today as a FREE iPhone Apps Music Game. Take this chance to download it for limited period only under New Release iPhone Free Apps for Games/ Music Apps. Furthermore this is a special 3D Apps Games that is few in the market.

This is definitely one of the cool iphone apps to try it out.You can download this free apps as a iPhone 3 Apps or iPhone 4 Apps. If iPhone 5 is out, we will do one for iPhone 5 Apps or iPad 3.

Download JamCrew Music Games Apps Now
This is a limited free game apps as mentioned earlier. Download it before a small price is set to this apps game. This is a cool music game app that allows you to customize your 3D avatar or 3D dancer and you will have a personalized character for yourself.

There is no need to buy any song to play this apps games like other games. Why is there a need to buy songs to play while you have your own songs in your iphone 3 or iphone 4 or ipad? This apple game uses the songs in your own itunes list and plays accordingly. Play any songs in any language and what is the next great thing about this? A replay for your gameplay is available to record and show off your gameplay to your friends. See how your dancer move in your best song or even the weirdest or funny song ever.

Contest with your JamCrew Friends
There is a leader board in this game to post your highest score in a common platform. Challenge your friends in getting the highest score using your own songs and getting a perfect score. This is a special iphone apps game that has total of 6 buttons to hit. Unlike normal music apps, there are typically 3 buttons or 4 buttons for the music apps, using 6 buttons will have a great challenge for you. Challenge your friends in getting the longest play with the best combo string ever.

This game like other best apps games has their unique special effects if you hit the game well. There are several effects to reward your good combo and also zoom in and zoom out effects if you hit the music combo longer. Different dancers combo or dance strings are created to show the better players their prowess.

Thanks alot for reading about this new game release and do support us with a free download a good reviews about this iphone music apps game!


Tuesday, July 26, 2011

JamCrew - 3D Music Game Apps Preview

JamCrew which is a 3D Music Games Apps for iPhone and iPad will be released this week! This is an unique iPhone Dancing game that dance to the music beat. Your dancer avatar will dance as you hit the music beats accurately.

What are the special features about this game app among the rest of the music games apps? This is a 3D music dancing game that uses a 3D avatar to dance according to the music. Talking about the music, this game is able play any music in your itune list and you do not need to choose the limited music songs in the game.Playing this dancing game in any language songs and type of song is one of the uniqueness of JamCrew.

Another great feature of this game is the freedom to change the image of your 3D music dancer to your likes. What is the point of having a fancy dancer if you cannot share it with your friends? There is a great saving feature  that allows you to show off your game replay in your iPhone or iPad!

More things to be discovered by yourself when the game is release this weekend. Watch out for JamCrew in the Free Music Apps, New Games Apps or hopefully Best Music Apps!

Wednesday, July 20, 2011

iPhone Games - Talking Tom Cat

This is a cute iphone application. I won't say that this is a game as there is nothing much to play around. Basically this game is to amuse your kids about this Cat character called Tom. Tom is your pet cat and will react to the buttons and repeats everything you say with an amusing voice.

How to play with this cat Tom.
1.Talk to Tom and he will repeat everything you say with a funny voice.
2. Pet him to make him purr.
3. Poke his head, belly or feet.
3. Grab his tail.
4. Pour a glass of milk for him.
5. Make Tom scratch the screen.
6. Record videos, save them to your library and send them as MMS, upload them to YouTube & Facebook or send them by email.

That is about it for Talking Tom Cat. If only this game can evolved to a cat rearing application where you can feed and play with your pet car.Buy food and toys for it. Come out with coupons for cat food, toys, clothes for initial marketing. Enjoy this free game now!

Monday, May 9, 2011

iPad 2 Short Review

The new iPad 2 (buy online here >>iPad 2<<) is out in the market and you can buy it. The first iPad was sold at an incredible figure of 15,000,000 in the first 9 months. This kind of sales figures is an eye opening for the season technology manufacturers. I will say a main factor for iPad rocket sales figure was tied to the rocket sales of the iPhone which was also produce great sales. The way Apple has marketed the product by Steve Jobs was superb and few can match his marketing and presentation capabilities. Interface was great like iPhone for iPad. That is a winning method that capture the hearts of consumers all over the levels from a toddler to an elderly.

Get Apple IPAD 2 WHITE Here

iPad 2 is like an upgrade from iPad first generation. Apple has as usual claimed to listen and imprive the iPad to meet the customers requirements. What can we see in iPad 2? Basically its thinner in size. Less than half the thickness of iPad first generation - 0.5 inches. You might think that processor might have reduced as well. But in this case, iPad 2 has improved and much faster processor. It comes with 2 cameras, 1 infront and 1 in the rear. Weight has been reduce, power increased and thickness reduced. What an great achievement by Apple to come out with this great work of art.


Technologically, it comes in 2 main variations namely the wifi and wifi with 3g version. Wifi will be useful if you have wifi network. If you do not have wifi, you can use the app offline. the better one is the wifi with 3g version. Even if there is no wifi, as long as there is mobile network of 3g, surfing the net will be possible with data running on the mobile data network.

Go to here for more iPad 2 SMART COVER

Next variation is the size of the storage inside the iPad. It comes in 16GB, 32GB and the largest is 64GB. Now how to determine which to get for yourself or someone. What makes up the bulk of the space? Usually the videos, apps, mp3 and photos. It also depends on the quantity of the files. Based on your previous usage of maybe iphone, you will know how big the storage you will need for iPad 2. Too much iPad and iPhne does not come with expansion slot like SD card slot. This is standard in most mobile and tablet. Although iPad and iPhone do not have it, it is still top of the sales.

If you are a fan of Apple, get yourself a white iPad 2 now!

Tuesday, February 8, 2011

iPhone Games - Ninja Chicken 2

iPhone Games - Ninja Chicken 2 sound pretty much like a ninja fighting game between the chicken. Yes, this is the ninja chicken fighting off the pigs!

In this game, the ninja chicken are using the cannon at the fort to fight off the pigs. I do not understand why ninja chicken are using cannons instead of ninja tarts or swords. Kind of funny right? Where does this ninja comes from and there is no connection of the game with the ninja.

For this game, you have two chicken to use. One chick is to shot the cannon at the different waves of pig armies. The second chick will collect the special weapon dropped by killing the pigs. After collecting the special weapons, the first chick will shoot special bullets.

This game is kind of lame for me and not interesting. Just shooting and buying new weapons. Title and the game does not match at all. Skip this game and look for others.

Thursday, January 13, 2011

iPhone Games - Shape It

This iPhone and iPad Game – “Shape It” is one great action puzzle game. It is not a crazy 3D game and the gameplay itself is quite simple to understand and play. Like what the game title say “Shape It” means you just need to make shapes and lines within the timing. Very simple games that any kids can play Of course it is not that simple and sound boring, definitely it packs some challenges that give a good review on it..

This simple game is very challenging (Thought it sound very simple to just shape it). The game will progress with a bigger game board. And there are more and more challenging colored pegs. What is the challenge then? The challenge is to complete the shaping within a ever fast timing. There is a little timer that moves out as you go on playing the game. This timer will be extended only after a shape has been completed. Rules of the shaping is the lines have to go horizontally and no vertical lines. You should not hit the same peg twice. After each completion, you will be challenged with more shapes. Another challenging is the buzz saw to do the damage.

What is the next challenge? Like all games, the challenge is to get the most points to keep the players keep playing. Ability to hit the pegs while the shape is building will give you extra points and extra time bonus. However if you missed the shape, you will get a 6 line. It’s a great game for perfectionist to play this game. You will need to perfect your shaping skills and not make mistake. To minimize mistakes, best played on iPad.

Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Top 10 iPhone Apps Free 2010

The Top 40 Free iPhone Apps 2010
1. Apple iBooks 1.1
2. AT&T myWireless 1.3.2
3. Bing 1.2
4. CNBC Real-Time 1.3
5. Cube Runner 1.5
6. Dragon Dictation 1.3.4
7. Dropbox 1.2.2
8. eBay Mobile 1.7.0
9. eBuddy Messenger 3.6.0
10. Epicurious Recipes & Shopping List 2.1