Monday, May 9, 2011

iPad 2 Short Review

The new iPad 2 (buy online here >>iPad 2<<) is out in the market and you can buy it. The first iPad was sold at an incredible figure of 15,000,000 in the first 9 months. This kind of sales figures is an eye opening for the season technology manufacturers. I will say a main factor for iPad rocket sales figure was tied to the rocket sales of the iPhone which was also produce great sales. The way Apple has marketed the product by Steve Jobs was superb and few can match his marketing and presentation capabilities. Interface was great like iPhone for iPad. That is a winning method that capture the hearts of consumers all over the levels from a toddler to an elderly.

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iPad 2 is like an upgrade from iPad first generation. Apple has as usual claimed to listen and imprive the iPad to meet the customers requirements. What can we see in iPad 2? Basically its thinner in size. Less than half the thickness of iPad first generation - 0.5 inches. You might think that processor might have reduced as well. But in this case, iPad 2 has improved and much faster processor. It comes with 2 cameras, 1 infront and 1 in the rear. Weight has been reduce, power increased and thickness reduced. What an great achievement by Apple to come out with this great work of art.


Technologically, it comes in 2 main variations namely the wifi and wifi with 3g version. Wifi will be useful if you have wifi network. If you do not have wifi, you can use the app offline. the better one is the wifi with 3g version. Even if there is no wifi, as long as there is mobile network of 3g, surfing the net will be possible with data running on the mobile data network.

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Next variation is the size of the storage inside the iPad. It comes in 16GB, 32GB and the largest is 64GB. Now how to determine which to get for yourself or someone. What makes up the bulk of the space? Usually the videos, apps, mp3 and photos. It also depends on the quantity of the files. Based on your previous usage of maybe iphone, you will know how big the storage you will need for iPad 2. Too much iPad and iPhne does not come with expansion slot like SD card slot. This is standard in most mobile and tablet. Although iPad and iPhone do not have it, it is still top of the sales.

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