Tuesday, February 8, 2011

iPhone Games - Ninja Chicken 2

iPhone Games - Ninja Chicken 2 sound pretty much like a ninja fighting game between the chicken. Yes, this is the ninja chicken fighting off the pigs!

In this game, the ninja chicken are using the cannon at the fort to fight off the pigs. I do not understand why ninja chicken are using cannons instead of ninja tarts or swords. Kind of funny right? Where does this ninja comes from and there is no connection of the game with the ninja.

For this game, you have two chicken to use. One chick is to shot the cannon at the different waves of pig armies. The second chick will collect the special weapon dropped by killing the pigs. After collecting the special weapons, the first chick will shoot special bullets.

This game is kind of lame for me and not interesting. Just shooting and buying new weapons. Title and the game does not match at all. Skip this game and look for others.

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