Tuesday, September 2, 2008

BandMerch: An almost GameRenkei equivalent for music

BandMerch is an online store that sells merchandise for bands. This is another venue for independent bands have the option to monetise their music beyond pure sales. Personally, I think the concept is great. Of course, it will be better if it can do something like what we are doing: allowing fans to create and upload their hand-crafted merchandise.

Nevertheless, BandMerch is an assurance to us that the merchandise model is good bet to go into. We feel confident having a place to let fans do their things for the games they love is going to enhance the developer-gamer relationship.

On a related note, I also came across an old Wired article that talks about letting fans create logos for their bands. This is way cool and something for us to consider as we continue to develop our platform.

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