Saturday, August 23, 2008

29 possible ideas for our platform

This list of 29 ways to monetise games intrigues the hell out of me. Our current merchandise platform can be viewed as a solution to number 27 on that list.

In the coming days, our team will be debating on which of these ideas is suited to build into other products. One particular thought in my mind is the tournament model. I am been thinking of how to build that kind of model for games without requiring any changes on the developers' end.

One simple way is to have a tournament system that can be used alongside any names. The developers can assign the tournament rules with a few clicks with the rest of the heavy lifting done by the software, including pricing of tournaments, collecting performance data during tournaments, progression rules et al.

This is just one possible tool we can build. If you have other ideas, do put them in the comments as well.

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