Tuesday, August 12, 2008

How big is the video game merchandise market?

We have been asking ourselves this question since the start of our project. The answer? Nobody knows. The closest I have come across is this paragraph from the Escapist magazine:

Of the 15 gamers I talked to on the subject, most seemed interested in more traditional merchandise, like t-shirts, soundtracks and figures. Even those who said they weren't really interested in merchandise tended to have purchased at least something that qualified, though often these were items that tied into their specific, personal interests, such as art books or concert tickets. But when asked about the coolest merch they'd ever bought, it was clear that uniqueness played a big part in determining cool. Answers ranged from game music piano scores to a Metroid Prime studded-leather wrist cuff.

Based on the above, let's say 20-30% of gamers do buy merchandise. Is that big or small? We know really know and frankly, we don't really care. What we want to do is let gamesr connect to each other through game merchandise. In our web service, fans of a game have the option to post pictures of their hand-made merchandise for other fans to see or buy. This is what we want. Fans of games sharing their love through creating their unqiue items.

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