Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Music vs Games

Last.Image via WikipediaI am constantly amazed by the innovations seen in the music industry. We have seen the likes of MySpace, Last.fm and Pandora coming out of nowhere and becoming important players, within the space of 5 years. Today, I read abou another cool music company, Topspin, which is offering a set of tools for fans to connect with their favourite bands. All these left me wondering, what is the equvialent of all of these cool stuff for games?

Nevertheless, I am happy we are trying to do something similar for the game industry. Through our merchandise platform, we hope to enable fans to create hand made stuff for their favourite games. We think this is important becaseuse it enables fans to express their love of the games, something we can think of ourselves doing.

We will be posting videos of our status very soon. If you like to follow our adventure, do keep this blog.

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