Sunday, June 8, 2008

Deciding a Roadmap

I have been thinking and trying to come up with a roadmap where it will give us proper direction on what we have to do and help us move forward. People may think that start ups are easy but it is not so. Everything that we hope to do, I keep thinking if we are on the proper track in the business sense. I guess it makes sense and is important that all businesses need a proper roadmap as a form of direction for the start up to move towards to draw the users we hope to attract to our platform. Isn't this how your MNCs come up with their mission statements which are made to serve as a direction for all their staffs?

After going through books and textbooks(yes, you will be surprise it helps), I realised that having a roadmap is like looking for a process which is back to fundamentals and this is where your textbooks becomes useful. with the help of books, I came up with a rough roadmap, which will of course be enhanced along the way to be more in tune with our start up which I find quite useful to share.

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