Sunday, June 15, 2008

Pull factor in the Internet Space

Sites like that not only allows me to upload images that I like. It allows me to print it on items that I can choose from the whole list on the site.

There are not many sites that allows users to upload images and have them printed on a wide selection of items. I think this is a great business model moving forward and there are things that our startup can learn from. In our current social society, allowing users to be able to select what they want and understanding what they hope to see is definitely not only a pull factor and also a plus point to any startup or business.

We have been thinking of how we can have a different edge of marketing to users who visit our site and keep their interest there and at the same time help our contributors who put their games on our website to have another form of reach with their supporters. So I think the cafepress model will be something we should and can leverage on for our Startup.

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