Sunday, June 1, 2008

Customized Stuff

Customized Stuff seems to be small business to everyone. It looks like one or a few people will purchase such unique stuff. Guess what there is in the market for such customized stuff.

There are few large website providing such services to the whole world. One of such is Cafe Press. Please see the quote from the website to show the power of customization of stuff.

"Based in Foster City, CA, allows its users to independently create and sell a wide variety of products on the web. By allowing individual sellers to set up free “shops” within their domain, Cafepress makes it easy for artists and designers to sell their goods online. Over 2.5 million independent shops have been opened on Cafepress since its opening in 1999. Cafepress is a privately owned, profitable company.

CafePress offers 150 customizable merchandise items, ranging from T-shirts and other apparel items to home decor, kid & baby merchandise and political items such as buttons & yard signs.

CafePress is the leader in User-generated content, with 6 million users and 150 million+ products (10 will get made while you read this). The CafePress Marketplace is an instantaneous and often colorful reflection of the public discourse"

This will create a new market where designs are driven by the owners/ players rather than the stuff makers. Definitely this model will be better than the typical trend today.

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