Saturday, May 24, 2008

Customised Products

How can gamers customize products from the games they played?

What will be the first thing in your mind? T-shirts and Mugs again?

In fact, there is more to this. Currently in the market, there are many items which allows the users to wrap around with. Besides the usual T-shirt and Mugs, there are also profile cards, notebooks, and mouse pad for your studies and work, physical and virtual greeting cards, bags and even caps for your personal style. Best of all, car bumper stickers and any stickers to stick your fave design onto.

With so many things to customized and own, wouldn't it be good to create your own identity? With the capabilities of the current technology, fast and cheap customization are made possible. We hope with sufficient demands, we can enlarge this area of customization for our customers in the future.

Do share with us your ideas on this. We might try to explore your idea and make it happened!

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