Sunday, May 18, 2008

Games Related Merchandise

It has been a hectic week and I managed to find time now in Korea to surf the net and do some research. Surfing the net looking for games related merchandise, I found quite of sites that have games related merchandise available. Most of them sell action figures and there are also some that have T-shirts available. There is this game website Miniclip that allows gamers to purchase T-shirts and is quite interesting. You have designs that you can choose from (related to gaming of course) or you can choose to upload a design. You can also select the type of item (round neck, long sleeve T-shirts etc) and size. There is also a site that allows you to do customization to a certain extent. Not only choosing your own design, you can write your own text as well and have all these printed on the T-shirt.

This actually prompts me to think hard about customization. Customizing your own product is in fact a very personalized experience where one gets a different form of satisfaction. Likewise for game developers, every design or game that they produced is unique. Therefore, to bring a level of personalization and customization to our start up will be something that we will want to think hard and focus on as I believe in this 21st century, it is no longer telling people “this is what you can buy or available on our site” the focus should be more towards how can I personalized one’s experience so that they will either come back or look forward for more because of the good experience. In fact, how to satisfy both viewers and developers experience on our GameRenkei website will be a very good push and pull factor for our start up and key direction for us to work towards as well.

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