Friday, May 9, 2008

DotA Allstars

How to play DotA Allstars? You need to buy the WarcraftIII with expansion media of Frozen Throne. (The game has received many awards and is find the same developers of World of Warcraft).

However there are not DotA Allstars maps in it?! Well, you need to visit this Getdota site for the download. On the other hand, DotA can be download while in the battenet as you join the game (if they allow you to do so as downloading takes time and they might just kick you out!) Of course, to join this battlenet for an awesome games with other gamers, you need to create a battlenet account. Impressive there are also AI maps (from getdota)where you can set the numbers of Allies and Foes heros for own playing purposes. This is interesting if you do not wish to be playing noobs in real game plays.

Lastly, you can find out more form the official website for more DotA information. In this website, you get to know more about the heros, items and even see the replays posts by gamers.

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