Sunday, May 18, 2008

Gamerenkei - Identity

After one week of super busy work, finally its break time and guess where am i? I am in Korea, the place where high technology is! But yet to visit their famous IT shopping mall. (I think it should be similar to Sim Lim in Singapore and definitely better!)

Over in Korea, i can feel a strong sense of identity. The clothes they wear, the style which they created. Korea is a very modernised place, yet able to preserve their culture and create their own style. Am i going to talk about Korea today? Nope, my visit here in fact showed me the importance of identity.

Having to say so much about Korea, i felt that Gamerenkei has the ability for each individual to search for their own style. Ability to own their own unique design which could be as rare as precious watches limited to 50 pieces worldwide. Gamerenkei provides the users the capabilities to design your own clothes and products. In additional, the most important is the ability to realise and OWN the physical form with one click of the button.

For example, if you are a FAN of Dota and user of Lightning Relevant and Night Stalker, you might want to put the together 2 heros images on your shirt. Using Gamerenkei (if Dota has placed the images inside), you can pick and place the 2 images onto the shirt. After a few quick adjustments, next click and you can preview and order you UNQIUE shirt. On the other hand, you can also mass order your favourite design for many people or even for sale.

Gamerenkei hope to create a new way of owning your own unique items rather than going around the shops to look for items which might not be your preference or common else where. Hope you guys are looking forward for the launching of our Gamerenkei for a new way of having your own IDENTITY!!

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