Wednesday, May 7, 2008

Where and How to get Started to register our Start-Up?

I have been task to do the most important yet “dry” or I should say the administrative part of our Start-up. I have to set us on the right footing and make sure we go about getting our Start-up registered, accounts properly recorded, and map out our business plans and of course one of the most important thing is to plan, discuss with the team and put together our marketing and sales process.

As a Start-up, we do not have the luxury of engaging consultants or accountants to advise us with what we need to do. I have spent time searching for information online and there are a number of Business or Start-up checklists and even templates available online that is useful and helps as a guide to get us started.

Some useful sites for Start-ups:

- This website has useful toolkits and there are also examples of accounting templates, checklists even articles that are very helpful and important for Start-ups like us to learn and refer as a guide to keep us on the right track.

- A Good Summary of a list of eGuides

There is an Entrepreneurs’ Guide to Planning, Starting and Running a Business in Singapore on this website and I find it really comprehensive and useful but the only issue is that it was done in Sept 2005 and there is no updated pack so this will mean more readings to make sure I cover areas that may have been updated since then.

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