Friday, May 23, 2008

Startup Journey - Directions

There had been a discussion with my team recently to decide if we should focus on a main stream for our startup or stretch our resources to focus on two areas.

Finally, we decided we would like to direct our focus of our startup on both the independent game developers and users who explore and play online games. This will mean that we will have to come up with two separate business plans on how to attract and draw in the attention of both the individuals and independent game developers. This is a Big Challenge and it is time to sit down with the rest of my team to route out our roadmap in phases so that we do not end up missing out any major parts.

Now you know what I mean by stretching ourselves because the two focuses though great opportunities for us to tap on but alot of thoughts need to be mapped out separately to prevent any conflicts or loss of focus.

We are at a juncture where we have to assign responsibilities to the different team members to think through the main frame, draft the plans independently before we come together and have a major thorough meeting to iron out issues and feedback to come up with an ideal business plan where both focuses of our startup will be well covered.

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